Replace, Refresh, Re-purpose, Recycle

It's Spring, at last!!  We love the Spring, with all its fresh starts and spring cleaning and sorting.  In my house, it's also a time for reviewing what I have and re-purposing, mending, or replacing items that I use frequently.  My Beekind Food Wraps included.

I have been using my food wraps for a few years now, and therefore have wraps in my draw at various different "stages". Some are new (or nearly new), some I've been using for about 6 months, some over a year, and some for a couple of years.   

We all want our wraps to work hard for as long as possible, so this month I thought I'd share my tips for getting the most longevity out of all your wraps, whatever stage they're at!!

#1 Replace


If you're just starting on your Beekind Wrap journey, or you have wraps in the #4 or #3 category, now is a great time to Replace!  

A new pack of wraps is usable straight from the pack, and will last for many months before needing a Refresh.  Beekind Food Wraps are available from our shop in many different beautiful and inspiring designs, sizes and packs - allowing you to get maximum use for your food storage. Remember, our wraps can be used in the freezer and fridge, so make them work as hard as you can!

#2 Refresh


Wraps that have gone a little "floppy", but are still perfectly usable, are ready for a refresh.  Beekind's Melting Coins are the solution for refreshing. 

The bag contains your instructions, and you can refresh a whole pack of 4 wraps for £8 or less! Re-coat your wraps with new wax solution, allow them to air dry and Voila!  New again for many more months.  By making sure you only rinse your wraps in luke warm slightly soapy water, and letting them air dry, you will give your wraps more longevity.  Your wraps are heat sensitive, so be sure not to leave them in direct sunlight or on a heat source and they will be useable for longer between refreshes.

 #3 Re-Purpose


Before they get to the #4 stage, your Beekind Food Wraps will reach a stage where they're unsuitable for food storage. If you refresh when needed, this will be years down the line ( I'm on year 4 with mine and still good to use!).  Perhaps a bit tatty round the edges, and refreshing them just isn't working the way it used to.  But don't fret, because there are lots of other uses for our wraps at this stage.   X- Large and large wraps make amazing natural hanging basket liners and they're so much more attractive than black plastic! Why not use an elastic band to help cover a smaller recycled plastic plant pot with a wrap, and plant with a colourful plant for your windowsill or outdoor table? - instant unique garden décor!  Or if you're gifting flowers, why not ditch the plastic, and wrap the stems in an old wrap instead? There are lots of creative ways to re-purpose your older wraps, so make them work for that little while longer!

#4 Re-Cycle


As many years go by, your wraps will naturally age by looking a bit faded. (I'm on year 4 with mine, still doing well!) But don't despair, wraps at this stage can still serve you well as firelighters, or in the compost bin!  Beekind Food Wraps are made from 100% natural materials and will therefore decompose naturally in the environment.  Due to the wax in the coating, they also make excellent natural firelighters for indoor or out door wood burners, chimineas, BBQ's or fire pits.  For composting, simply cut them/break them up into small pieces and put them into your compost bin and they will break down helping to create compost for growing more lovely flowers for the bees! You can also put the pieces into your green waste bin, or your kitchen food waste caddy.  Whichever way you re-cycle them, they will never need to go into landfill - genius!

So there you have it - Spring sorting at its best!! Use your Beekind Food Wraps for years to come, and then give them back to the soil - a truly sustainable, natural, eco-friendly, product.  And fun too!  Happy Spring time!




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