Beekind DIY Creative Wrap Kit

Beekind DIY Creative Wrap Kit

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This beautifully presented DIY kit makes a unique present, or gives you the chance to create your own Beeswax Wraps, perhaps educating your children along the way! It contains everything you need, PLUS 4 Beekind waxed glass covers and eco straws for FREE!

Set contains:

1 x large size cotton square (35x30cm-) choice of patterns

1 x medium cotton square (30x25cm)

2 x small cotton squares ( 25x20cm)

Beekind Melting Coins

1 x Wax brush

2 x Foil Liners

1 x instructions

4 x waxed Glass covers

4 x eco straws

2 x gift stickers

2 x Beekind Care Instructions

An amazing gift, or just a rainy day activity, do it yourself, with our DIY Creative Kit.