FAQ's and Videos

What are Beekind Food Wraps made from?

Our Food Wraps are made from 100% cotton fabric, coated in a mixture of responsibly-sourced Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Pine Resin.  They are therefore made from 100% natural componants - no chemicals, no additives and no plastic in sight!.

What can they be used for?

Our wraps actually have many uses (I'm still finding more uses every week!).  Probably their biggest usage, is for containing and storing any and all food items as required.  The beeswax makes them waterproof, partially air-tight and self-sticking, whilst the material makes them flexible enough to mould to any shape.  You can also make pockets/sandwich bags with them:

Their properties mean they can safely be used with all food items, and can be used in the fridge and freezer, as well as at room temperature. 

They can therefore be used in place of cling wrap and containers.

Outside of using them for food, you can be as innovative as you like with their use - Used by pet-lovers to take snacks and petfood on a day trip.  Used in the garden as plant pot liners and used by families as platter liners to make their Christmas and Summer BBQ tables look amazing.  What about using one as a fruit bowl liner, to stop you getting that sticky residue in the bottom of the fruit bowl?  We believe the possiblities are many, and I'm sure you can come up with lots more.

How do I wash them?

How long do they last?

Because the wraps are washable they are re-usable and long-lasting.  Each wrap will last well over a year for its original purpose and even after that, they can be composted.  Once bought, they will serve you faithfully and never have to been thrown in the bin to become part of landfill - there aren't many packaging products can say that!

How Do I Refresh/Re-wax my wraps?

Dependant upon their usage, some wraps may need a wax "refresh" after a while.  This is easy to do this yourself and doesn't require any more wax. Just heat your oven (electric) to 150c. Line a baking tray with foil and pile the wrap(s) on top of each other into the tray. Put them into the heated oven and watch and wait until all the wax has melted.  Ensure that all parts fo the fabrcis are covered in wax by prodding any bubbled up bits with the end of a metal spoon or fork (or use the brush if you have one in our DIY Kit).  Take out of the oven, and using tongs, grab two corners of the top wrap, peel it off the pile, and waft it in the air to dry it. Then peel the next wrap off the pile and so on.  As the wax sets quite quickly once its out of the oven, you may need to pop the last one or two back in the oven before peeling off.
When the wax coating on your wraps has worn to the point it can't be refreshed, you can use the same method as the refresh above to "rewax" your wraps. For this, you will need our wax mixture coins.  Simply use the refresh instructions above, putting the coins on top of the piled up wraps.  Then follow the rest of those instructions and voila - re-waxed like new.

Dependant upon how much wax you've used, you may have excess wax in the bottom of the tray so the last piece may drip a little when you hold it up - that's fine just be prepared for that and then use less wax next time.  We recommend 3-4 coins for 4 wraps.

How do they save me money?

Making every penny stretch further is particularly important at the moment, and our food wraps can definately help with that:

  • Ditch the cling wrap - our wraps can replace its use in the fridge and the freezer.  Once you've bought wraps you don't need to buy cling wrap instead. See this video for ideas.
  • Wraps keep food fresher for longer - meaning you reduce the amount of food you throw away and can use left-overs more effectively, so less money spent on food.
  • Wraps take up less space than containers - meaning you can buy cheaper in bulk, and freeze things down, as using wraps will save you space compared to containers.  

    How do wraps help the planet?

      We all know we should be helping to preserve our planet, in many different ways - saving insect habitats, reducing plastic waste, reducing our carbon footprint, using more natural products, buying sustainable products, the list goes on and on,  and sometimes it can feel like we just can't do all of that.  The truth is, that every little bit helps, and by using products like our Food Wraps, we can all help a little. 

      As explained above, our food wraps do reduce the use of one-time plastics, they do provide a need for (and therefore help protect) our bee species, they are sustainable and natural, and when bought by UK customers, are not imported from abroad, thereby helping to reduce carbon footprint.  Who would think that by using one single product, you could be such an eco-warrior?! 

      Can I buy Beekind Wraps for my shop?

      Yes, of course.  We are able to supply shops, cafe's, garden centres, caterers, and any other businesses, as well as the general public.  From one pack to lots of rolls, we are equipped to take your order, and all can be ordered from the Shop online.  See our Beekind Wholesale page for more details.