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Being a qualified Aromatherapist fits nicely into my eco green lifestyle. I'm really enjoying taking my time with life's little pleasures.....Just discovered a great use for lemon oil . Lemon dusters, seriously the fragrance around the house is wonderful, instead of the aroma of furniture polish these little beauties being a citric fresh aroma to your home after dusting and cleaning.

Lemon Dusters:

4 floz water

4 fl oz white vinegar

3 lemons

6 drops lemon essential oil

6- 8 dusters made from old tea towels, muslin baby cloths, and terry nappies.

Large glass jar.

mix all liquids together in a bowl. Soak the clean materials in the solution.

Squeeze excess from cloths,and place a slice of lemon on each cloth before rolling tightly and putting into the glass jar for storage.

Place extra lemon slice on top of jar, before putting lid on. 

Use when needed.   


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