Back to School - Inspired Lunches

We know that getting back into that school routine again is a challenge, especially this year with all the uncertainty we face.  It's hard work, and anything that can be done to make it easier has got to be worth it!

But maybe, we should instead see the start of the school year, as a chance to start fresh, re-organise, change and grow.  It's a great time to recommit to goals, and enter the autumn and winter with intention. 

Here at Beekind, we have been daydreaming about a week of Beekind Beeswax Wrap lunches, designed for whomever might be toting Beekind Wraps this season! To inspire the whole family, we came up with some ideas for lunchbox foods - so try something new, and Beecome more sustainable in the process.  Enjoy!


(Dark Blue Delph wrap with Butterflies Wrap pocket)

Monday: Whoever said sandwiches have to be boring? We often cook more elaborate meals on leisurely Sundays, which means Monday can be a day for tasty leftovers. Why not top wholemeal thins, a pitta or flatbread with leftover chicken or falafel, spinach and watercress, pickled gherkins, a dash of plain yoghurt and a smidge of mango chutney, for an inspired "left-overs sandwich".  Serve with a handful of crisps and pre-prepared veg (edible flower optional!). Yum!


 (Green Bees and Ivory Bees wraps)

Tuesday: Bagels and cream cheese are pantry staples. Choose seeded bagels for added nutrition.  Then for the fun bit - get the children to go crazy with add-ons. Here, we added cucumber, chopped apple, cracked pepper and chopped parsley, but you could try a sprinkle of sweetcorn, chopped tomatoes, raw mushrooms or whatever else you/they like.


 (Butterfly wrap and Blue Bees wrap pocket)

Wednesday: It's time for wraps in Wraps! Tortilla wraps are endlessly adaptable. We like to add thinly sliced veggies, lightly dressed greens and then cheese, hummus or lunch meats to our wraps. When bits and bites inevitably spill over, our sandwich wrap acts as a placemat for meals at their desk or yours!  Finish with prepped fruit, a handful of lentil crisps, or maybe a sweet treat.....


(Green Bees wrap and Butterfly wrap pocket)

ThursdayBy late in the week, packed schedules means packing lunch can be a headache. So we keep it simple - enter the snack meal: veggies, oat cakes, crackers or pretzels and then cheese (the triangle or preformed type is also allowed!).  By storing carrots, celery, cucumber, mushrooms and peppers pre-cut in Beekind Waxed Wraps in our fridge, we keep our veggies fresh all week long.  Finish off with a nutty or fruity sweet treat. We aim for a mix of textures and colors - eat the rainbow!


(Dark Blue Delph wrap and wrap pocket)

Friday: Everyone, children and grown-ups alike, needs a treat every now and then, and there's no harm in having a little fun with lunch. Peanut butter and bananas, with cream cheese on seeded wholegrain bread meet for a crowd-pleasing lunch that's simultaneously decadent and yet simple. We're fans of all things in moderation, and what better day than Friday to indulge in something sweet and a little playful? Why not serve it with salted tortilla chips - sweet and salty, a classic combination!.

Which takes us to the weekend, and with a little planning and prep, we can endulge in varied, nutritious, easy lunches all over again next week!  Bring on Autumn - it's going to be easy with Beekind!

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